Our Team

TMS of Westchester is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Therapy Center, LLP. The Therapy Center is a private multispecialty psychotherapy practice established in 1993. The goal of The Therapy Center is to provide our community with the most effective, evidence based, innovative treatments for mental/behavioral health issues.

With that goal in mind, TMS of Westchester is proud to offer Neurostar TMS therapy in our Bedford Hills office. Neurostar TMS therapy is an innovative technology for the treatment of depression. TMS treatment for depression has been researched for over 20 years. The Neurostar system is the ONLY FDA cleared TMS device for the treatment of depression. TMS must be prescribed by a psychiatrist.

Dr. Lorraine Innes is the Medical Director of TTC Psychiatric and is the psychiatrist who prescribes and supervises treatment of patients.






Bernardine Barry is the coordinator of TMS of Westchester. Bernie meets with all prospective patients and can answer all procedural and financial questions.





Brian Gerety LCSWR is the clinical supervisor of TMS of Westchester. He is available to meet with all TMS patients to discuss their overall treatment and clinical needs.





Gary Silverstein LCSWR is the executive director of TMS of Westchester.






Dan Simmons, LCSWR. Support Staff



Alex Meisner – Support Staff




Our techs have been trained and certified by Neuronetics. Once Dr. Innes evaluates a patient,they then determine the appropriate treatment thresholds.

Once completed, our techs then provide the treatments.
During treatment patients are free to relax, watch TV or talk with the techs.