Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

For people who are suffering from DEPRESSION or struggling with medication side effects, there is HOPE!

The Therapy Center is proud to announce that it is now offering FDA cleared, safe, proven, non-drug treatment for depression:

NeuroStar TMS.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

is a non-invasive medical treatment that we provide in our Bedford Hills office. It is provided by prescription only and is supervised by Dr. Lorraine Innes MD.

During the therapy session, you are wide awake sitting in a comfortable chair. You can listen to music, watch TV or talk to the technician. A small, curved device about the size of a cupped hand rests lightly on your head, delivering focused magnetic stimulation directly to the area of your brain thought to be involved with regulating mood. The magnetic field pulses are the same strength as those used in MRI machines.

Who can benefit from TMS?

If you feel like your depression still has too much control over your life and you have not benefited from drug therapy, you are not alone. More than 4 million patients do not receive adequate benefits from antidepressant medications. Now, TMS of Westchester is offering you an opportunity to consider a new alternative. TMS is bringing new hope every day to people who have not benefited from antidepressant medication. TMS therapy is not appropriate for everyone and our staff will help determine if you are a candidate for this exciting, proven treatment that has already helped others with their depression.

How TMS can help you?

Targeted treatment stimulates the part of the brain thought to be involved in regulating mood.

Easy on the body:

There is no medication required. This non-invasive, non-drug therapy has none of the systemic side effects commonly associated with antidepressant medications. The most common side effect associated with TMS treatment is scalp pain or discomfort, generally mild to moderate which dissipates after the first few treatments. There are no negative effects on memory or concentration.